If 1080p is such a big deal, why not buy games on both PS4 and Xbox One?

#21HeracylostPosted 11/4/2013 5:57:21 PM
Funny thing every fanboy reverts to "Duh, the Xbone is the future of gaming, it's features are better than anything in the history of ever duh..."

Truth be told, it's not. So get over it. Even the U can do 1080p without a hiccup. So while you clever people are grumbling about resolution. And launch titles, I'm trying to pay attention to the long run. I just want to play games.
#22DesperateMonkeyPosted 11/4/2013 6:03:35 PM
And the long run is about games of which Sony seems to be unable to fund. Fact is, MS is selling the console without any losses and so diverts more energy to games and online, you know... GAMEPLAY.

Its pretty hilarious we now suddenly pretend PS4 is going to have a bunch of exclusives BEYOND 2014 while the Xbox One won't. This isn't a long term investment, this is just corporate fanboyism and blind faith that someone how Sony is suddenly going to start pumping out more games even though MS just invested a billion dollars in exclusives and new studios.
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