Epic's Mark Rein owns Gears IP say's We can do what we want with it

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leathelj posted...
dang you sony fanboys are REALLY GRASPING STRAWS you really want those scraps the ps4 must really have no good games your not getting halo lol that's a laugh you get halo when we get god of war or uncharted or little big planet you will get gears of war when we get that crap killzone you will get titan fall when we get rachant and clank. and LOL titan fall 2 announced for ps4 you guys are really desperate the 1st one no even out and your already trying to say a part to will come to you my god ps4 must really have NO GAMES.

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I had a freaking blast in Gears of War 1 with my buddies. Was it ever confirmed that the host's shotgun was stronger than everyone else's?
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2ndAtomisk posted...
I would rather it be a new IP. Nothing against Gears, just would rather see something else.

Gears was horrible (imo).
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Even if it's true, MS dried that well a long time ago. I don't think anyone really cares for Gears of War anymore. The series needs a break, just like God of War.

I'll be pissed though if Unreal Tournament/Championship goes PS4 exclusive.
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mike468 posted...
Even if it's true, MS dried that well a long time ago. I don't think anyone really cares for Gears of War anymore. The series needs a break, just like God of War.

I'll be pissed though if Unreal Tournament/Championship goes PS4 exclusive.

If it's an Unreal game it should be terrible with a controller. If it is slow enough to be played with a controller, it's not a true Unreal.
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That link may be old, but TC wasn't kidding about the Twitter part. Rein did post how he's looking forward to the PS4, "16 days left" on October 29, and a picture of a PS4 that he probably took himself. The guy is excited for it.
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Microsoft owns the Forza IP.

I know, that's why I said that's all they'll have left. This is why you need to buy and develop your 1st party studios, rather than throw money at 2nd and 3rd party developers.

Sony had lots of 1st party devs for ps3 and ps3 is considered a failure. Jus sayin

That's why it outsold the 360 and has more higher rated 1st/2nd party exclusives. Facts, just saying.

Ignore Chrish. Biggest liar on the boards.

Im a liar lmao more like a majority of fanboys live in denial

ps3 is a failure





Ps3 sold about half of what ps2 sold, us real people would categorize that as an EPIC failure.

The rating of games is irrelevent, and meaningless when the scores are made to prevent childish fanboy temper tantrums from sad sony fanboys(look at link in my sig to find out more)

ps3 outsold 360 just barely when ps2 outsold xbox over 3 x the amount. The pattern is xbox is growing and ps brand is dying. Sony was last this gen becuase they lost money per console sold while ms gained money per console. Theres Xbox live revenue. More software sales for 360 than ps3 even tho ps3 outsold 360, that means a percentage of people that bought ps3 didnt buy it for games. Ps3 came in last this past gen get over it. Sony is on the verge of going out of business and people want to act like they won anything lol.
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^Dat desperation.
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Evel138 posted...

Yeah and I would just as soon accept the professional review score as the gospel delivered by the almighty himself unto Moses before I would that of THE most pissy, juvenile, disingenuous and ridiculous community in the entirety of the internet.....the "gamer" community aka "average user score".

I don't care how much you dislike a game or for what (most likely irrational) reason....scores of "1" and "0" should be objectively reserved for games so broken that they are literally unplayable.

So spare me the "user score" of Metacritic.

Yeah, the professional reviews are so honest....wait. Didn't a reviewer from IGN/Gamespot/? get fired a couple years ago for...*GASP* being honest about how much of a turd a game was?
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PS4 must really have NO game ps fanboys want titan fall ps fanboys want gears of war my god it must be true dat wait station 4.
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