Is not 720 or 1080p the problem.

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Seems like a lot of those problems are on their way to being resolved since the next wave of dev kits are running on double the speeds for the ESRam now that its confirmed to be at 192gb/s.

I guess speculation will continue.

You are a joke, it's theoretically doubled because it can do both reads and writes at the same time. It's purely marketing spiel, a read will still be 104GB/s, as well as a write. Doing them both at once "theoretically" gives it that doubled number, but it's pretty hard to make that happen all the time.

At least TRY to be technically inclined instead of listening to MS's spin.
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The problem is it's a showcase of the power difference.
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IMO I think it's crazy how some gamers already forgot what was going on last gen. Games like Uncharted and Infamous, KillZone3 all looked freat at native 720P they weren't 1080p they looked better than a lot of the 360 games that ran 1080p. But now it's a standard
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All i know is that if I buy a PS4 first i'll miss out on games I want like Forza, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Crimson Dragon and Titanfall, power don't mean jack if the games you want aren't there.
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I'm not dismissing the fact of 1080p on the PS4, but, I do not recall 360 fans swarming around the issue it had better resolution for Black Ops 1, despite it having lesser hardware than the PS3...

Is resolution just an issue now because it is something the PS does better than it's rival?

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Some kids on this site need to learn that there are more to graphics than just resolution.

Crimson Dragon is 1080p yet still looks last gen. Resolution is only ONE factor of graphics. Hence why the xbox version of BF4 looks crisper than the ps4 version even though its at the lower resolution. Sure the ps4 might be stronger but resolution alone is not evidence for that especially if it sacrifices clarity which defeats the purpose of going 1080p.
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But it will still look good on xbone even if it is 720p




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