Blackbustercritic's thoughts on CoD's 720p matter

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Really hope he does another debate soon.
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Muryo posted...
MrImpatient35 posted...
I'm pretty sure Angry Joe is a Sony fan.

Of course! that's why all of his console reviews are on the 360.

He doesn't even have a PS3.
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dude is funny...can't wait until he learns how to say Microsoft instead of MARGASOFT

I will say this...he is right...and sony fanboys are rejoicing because they had to eat crow last generation.

they bragged, and boasted about how much more powerful their console was...and it wasn't...they had to play the backseat for 8 they have a winner, and it's time to let the dogs loose lol

have your fun lol
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NeoAnduril posted...
Wow sundevil and exodus showing that xb1 supporters are racist. Just because a guy is black doesn't take away from his points or views.

It's sad that the console war brings this out in people.

That is seriously low class Neo. He didn't mean that at all but you had to go there.

You just became the perfect example for your last sentence.
I will try and see it from your point of view, but I doubt we'll be able to fit both our heads up there.
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At least I won't be wasting time creating numerous alts to troll a forum in the hapless effort in wishing for a console's demise Astute.

Ahh but that's where you're wrong, Reginald. I am posting from work where I can't play my PS4, so no time is wasted.
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Muryo posted...

He also wondering about the cloud.

I wonder who actually listens to this POS hick?...Oh right the ponies. He had his channel suspended before.
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mike468 posted...
Muryo posted...

He also wondering about the cloud.

I wonder who actually listens to this POS hick?...Oh right the ponies. He had his channel suspended before.

Thanks for your valuable input, though you neglected to challenge him to a debate to refute his arguments and put the "hick" in his place.
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Where is the beef, Microsoft
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I'll say this for BBC, his job seems way too easy at times.
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Who gives a **** about this guy, really? All you do is give him ad-click revenue. He's uninformed & annoying as hell. I watched 12 seconds of his shtick once. That's about all I could take.

He's hardly uninformed. If you've ever watched one of his "debates" he cites tons of sources for his information.

Don't even bother with these mad xbots dude, they've duped themselves into buying an inferior and overpriced console and they can't handle the facts BlackBuster puts out.

Lol @ "uninformed"....The irony. "Uninformed" is the very foundation Xbots like him are founded on.

I've never seen such willful denial of proof like I have from them.

All publications state BF4 looks better on PS4....They say no, XB1 version is better.

PS4 is outselling that other console 2:1....They say XB1 will sell more.

PS4 has plenty of complete games coming in the next several of months as well as exclusive content for game(s)...They say PS4 has "no games" and continue to point to their list of half assed and/or corner cutting, incomplete titles. I mean do you not have the will to look at Sony's past 3 generations of amazing games and realize that history will repeat itself? Realize that all those talented companies Sony has will put out the incredible titles that they always do?

PS4 displays higher resolution titles and has significantly better hardware which will continue to output higher quality games...They say no, their console does and will.

Its unreal.

LMAO, considering that neither console are released, how do you know that PS4 is selling X1 by 2:1? And "all publications"? Got any citable evidence or are you just pulling stuff out of your rear?

And the PS4 launch is rightfully criticized for its launch selection, considering that most of the indie games are also available on PC/iOS, while Killzone 4 is the only AAA exclusive.