I know the Xbox One will not fail. If it does I will close my account.

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benjimain posted...
It will get 30-40m, which isn't great. The PS4 will get well over 100m. What's scary for the Bone is that while the PS4 will stay true to the series as the single play adventure console, I can feel it taking the Xbox's hard one "multiplayer console" status as well, and the one everyone chooses to play MP on.

Lol PS4 will not sell over 100 million
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If the XB1 fails I'll take my video game collection out into the street and set it on fire. Console is not going to fail, FACT. And I'm not buying either console!
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What does it mean to fail, never climb out of the red? or sell less than ps4, this topic is pointless

How about you just close your account anyway, because you fail
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If it fails,life goes on. If it succeeds,life goes on. At least mine will. Fanboys will probably make a big deal out of it either way.
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TC is just bluffing. He did not set the parameters for "fail".
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This is like a Mask Vs Mask match...The TC Vs Xbox One haters...who will win..we shall see...I will track this topic TC...see you on launch day.
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Dude you have to give a definition of failure here, this is pretty vague.

And no one will account bet an xbot, they always whelch.
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