What is so great about xbox live?

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Nothing, is a paywall that is made to muster more $ from you. Trust me, Ive shelled out for around 10 month of gold, I regret every penny.
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It's faster in that it saves you time and it's faster in how data is downloaded/installed. The service is streamlined much better and the entire focus is on the gaming community and how this community shares and plays games and shares information with each other.

Internet speeds are by each individuals ISP, type of connection, network they're on etc. Especially since most of it is using a P2P connection. This will change now that XBOX One is running all dedicated servers.

Make sense?

Prove the bolded please. I need a source.

The software allows for installation while downloading. If I download a 1gb file from Live and then a 1gb file from PSN they will download in about the same time, however, when the 360 is finished, it's also finished installing. On PSN, I then have to wait for installation.
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I have both. Same thing except Xbox live have party chat, kids yelling, and huge advertises.
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I've never owned a playstation 3 but the PSP store downloaded as fast as my internet connection would allow so I think that calling the PSN slow in comparison is a load of BS.


You can't be serious. I have a theoretical 50 mbps connection at my house. Downloading games on my Xbox 360 takes way faster than my ps3 or vita. The Sony servers are slow as dirt.

GREAT EVIDENCE, now I believe.

Are you done now?

Pot calling the kettle black. Where is your evidence? I'm pretty sure I can have other people back up what I've said. Be serious.

That's why I said I think people saying that xbox live is faster is BS. I didn't say it WAS BS, like the people who claim that xbox live is faster as if it was a provable fact.

You try so well to make yourself sound correct. I find it entertaining.
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What is so great about it that playstation store doesn't have? Plus playstation store is free.

Protool1983, I just realized this was your alt.

Are you upset that you lost credibility as a "hardcore gamer" due to this topic?

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