Killer Instinct = best console launch game ever?

#21SteelToothPosted 11/4/2013 1:10:09 PM
Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt/World Class Track Meet was pretty awesome!
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#22Dev0311(Topic Creator)Posted 11/4/2013 1:16:58 PM
Wow, this much hype from the Xbone board is sad. KI should've been on a Nintendo console where its true fans would appreciate it much more than this.
#23KidIcarootsPosted 11/4/2013 1:46:58 PM
Since the developer behind it is terrible... NO!
#24mike468Posted 11/4/2013 1:54:46 PM
Fighting games have been a major factor for me on a consoles launch. I've also played Killer Instinct already and as far as launch fighting games it is the best IMO.

KI3>Mortal Kombat Gold, DOA2, DOA3.
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#25ExempliGratiaPosted 11/4/2013 2:28:56 PM
KidIcaroots posted...
Since the developer behind it is terrible... NO!

Oh so you're not judging the game on how it plays but how you think it may play because of the people making it? Interesting..
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#26jastenPosted 11/4/2013 2:53:02 PM
Not even close... as someone said, when you have Halo be a launch title that sort of ends the debate on exclusive launch titles. That game was revoluationary at that time and is still loved. As for multiplatform launch titles... I think Halo still has a leg up against those, but BF4 is a mighty mighty hard thing to ignore and what I'm haring aobut AC4 has me stoked.
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#27LuDaCRis073Posted 11/4/2013 8:10:03 PM
No!! I haven't played a fighting game for years. My favorite launch titles were NFL 2k for the Sega Dreamcast and Call of Duty for the 360. I don't think the X1 or PS4 has a game that's going to make me say " wow" like the games listed above did.
#28HeracylostPosted 11/4/2013 8:16:18 PM
It's just stupid. Here pay us and you collect them all Eeeeeee! Almost as stupid as kinect 2.0...
#29Phange_2Posted 11/4/2013 8:39:06 PM
Super Mario World
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Newmoon posted...
slyman19 posted...
No. I doubt anything will ever beat Halo: Combat Evolved.

I'd have to say this.

I cant think of any other launch games (other then dreamcast which only had a 2 year life) that was arguably one of the best games for the entire console life cycle.

Mario World is the best platformer on the SNES, rivaled only by Yoshi's Island
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