MEGALIST: Xbox One Exclusives vs PS4 Exclusives

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Wonder why something like earth defense force isnt coming to x1

I haven't seen a whole lot of news about it, but my understanding is that it was simply announced at a Sony event. Not necessarily as an exclusive either. I don't think most news sources care enough to ask questions about it, just mention that it was announced.
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Hint: dont compare x1 exclusives to ps4 exclusives. Ps4 get massacred everytime. You really think people could be jealous of indys?

And when was the last time Microsoft put out a game as good as Unchartered 3, TLOU, GoW3 or hell even Beyond: Two Souls?

Beyond has a meta of 73. Every Dance Central was a better game.

Yep, because metacritic is the most important review site on the interwebs *sarcasm*

And I see you didn't mention the other games though.
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