I don't care about 720p as long as aa + 60fps exists.

#21HeracylostPosted 11/4/2013 6:17:08 PM
MetroidFan9999 posted...
1080p is over twice as many pixels man. And you'd probably get both AA and 60fps to boot.

Why the hell would you intentionally limit yourself for a brand?

Just a point of fact. XBone/PS4 will never have a Zelda, Mario, Metroid of any kind. So I have a U. However with the Xbone and PS4 don't matter as much. As they both get plenty of cross platform stuff that keeps me happy.

Logic states a PS4 as it's more powerful and cheaper. Also it it doesn't hide everything behind a paywall. So I'd generally go in that direction.

If I wanted a Kinect and was a Halo, Gears fanboy, loved the paywall and wanted Live. I'd shell out an extra 100 bones and get a One. But I am still bot impressed as of yet. I'm waiting tho. For the Xbone to thrill me.