Would you recommend the XBOX ONE to a family member, friend, or co-worker?

#1raddicussPosted 11/4/2013 5:33:12 PM
Don't lie! - Results (46 votes)
19.57% (9 votes)
76.09% (35 votes)
4.35% (2 votes)
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#2Ramsus082Posted 11/4/2013 5:38:29 PM
Not yet. It's a good console, but I need to see Kinect justify itself and the resources it uses, along with a price adjustment to better reflect the gaming performance before I'd recommend it over the competition. Microsoft has improved this console immensely since it's been announced, and hopefully they're not done.
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#3jastenPosted 11/4/2013 5:48:28 PM
Not at 500 dollars. I'd tell them to pick up a 360 and that kinect if that is what they want and don't have it. But, it depends on what they want... most of my friends are already jumping form the 360 to PS4 and my family is content with current gen, though knowing their game taste, I can only offer one the even possible hint of a Xbox One suggestion... mainly because he is as dudebro as they come... oi.
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