Article: The Cloud will reboot your system mid-session

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3 years ago#121
JohnnyR posted...
HackersRLame posted...
I believe the words here are "Xbox One reboots" and "console resetting." No mention of "host servers." This article also has the same "physical machine" comment mentioned earlier, and it is clear they are speaking of the console, not the servers.

Please, face facts guys.

That article cites the original article (which made a mistake and has since updated it's title) as it's source. You realize that, right?

You fanboys remind me of that little girl in the commercial convinced that raisins turn into grapes.


The Xbox One can only run most games in the 720P visual standard. Perhaps it should have been called the XBOX 720 after all.
3 years ago#122
I hereby swear allegiance to the flag of cloudship -- The Xbox One Board
3 years ago#123
Did the spinning already start?
3 years ago#124
mrshowtime333 posted...
Generally this kind of thing would take place at non peak hours, like any other server maintenance since the beginning of time. Like in the middle of the night. But sure, why not, another thing to complain about.

That's odd, the one rational post in this thread was ignored. Most of everything else just sounds like a chicken barn.
3 years ago#125
Wonder if there's an app for Smartglass that charts weather conditions for the Cloud -- The Xbox One Board
3 years ago#126
How dare any of you mock the infinite power of teh cloudz. Since there are absolutely zero games harnessing cloud powerz yet the cloud is shutting down people's console mid game just to show all the fanboys how powerful it really is. And they will look at their blank TV screens in awe, get on their knees and worship their almighty cloud master.
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