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#1scenicridesPosted 11/6/2013 7:39:45 AM
Just received an email from microsoft.

You're a fan of us and we're a fan of you.
We want to show you our appreciation, so we're giving you:
We've unlocked all characters so you can hit the ground running.
Watch your inbox on November 22 for instructions on how to claim your free gift.
Don't worry, we'll remind you.
We wouldn't be here without you,
and we know you'll do amazing
things on Xbox One.
Thank you from Xbox Live.
Jump ahead.
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#2_OujiDoza_Posted 11/6/2013 7:40:22 AM
You can't stop me, you can only hope to mod me.
#3gambit444Posted 11/6/2013 7:41:22 AM
I don't believe it but did you order your console direct from them.
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#4Alnilam81Posted 11/6/2013 7:41:28 AM
Did you preorder direct from MS?
#5BadLuckIncPosted 11/6/2013 7:41:44 AM
What promotion did you do for this?
Xbox One Day 1 edition Pre-Ordered via Amazon~ Arrival Date Nov 22nd!
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#6charlton3kPosted 11/6/2013 7:42:54 AM(edited)
Yeah I just got that email too, wonder if we get them all free or if its a missprint and means we get the one char free just like everyone else?

I haven't preordered it from them direct, but I am doing the xbox ambassador thing, hmm.
#7scenicrides(Topic Creator)Posted 11/6/2013 7:43:32 AM(edited)
no got it from amazon

yea I'm an ambassador to
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#8Alnilam81Posted 11/6/2013 7:43:08 AM
Are you in the US?
#9Exodus_PrimePosted 11/6/2013 7:43:28 AM
How long you been a LIVE member TC? maybe they're rewarding you for that and for pre ordering the One.
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#10scenicrides(Topic Creator)Posted 11/6/2013 7:44:46 AM
I believe all active gold members will be getting this deal.
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