Game Informer: Ryse Son of Rome is as fun as dialing phone numbers.

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Itís so basic and predictable, I began testing to see if I could get past most combat situations with one hand. With my left hand completely off the controller, I was able to slice and dice through tons of enemies simply by inputting the same sequence ad nauseum. On a couple of occasions, the game would shift to sequences that involved me defending an area with crossbow stations or ordering my men to block arrows with their shields. These were somehow even less exciting than the tedious swordplay.
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It's a button masher.
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Graphics don't matter, gameplay does....

Oh wait!
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YES you found it but....
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I'm about to read the article, but all of that can apply to practically any action game early on. How... Dumb.
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So this tool played a demo on easy and not the whole game on hard?

Ok thanks for posting, troll.
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There is another one

Ryse: Son of Rome feels like all sizzle and no steak. It's a procession of CPU-controlled warriors lining up to fall on protagonist Marius' sword in a stylish slow-mo ballet of blood and dismemberment. Killing enemies feels less and less triumphant with each strike, which is kind of a problem when the main focus of the game is seeing just how high you can stack the corpses.

I see game informer and Joystiq will give it a 6 or something. Ign seem to love it. It is looking like the game will get mixed reviews depending on the reviews like of hack and slash.

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Sounds like it's Dynasty Warriors just with far fewer enemies on the screen and a lack of playable characters and content.
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Didn't they all play the same demo though? Which gave them more than they would start out with or something. I remember hearing that. Either way I'm sure this won't be full price when I get Xbox One next year.