Dead Rising 3 looks like an XBOX 360 game...

#51181stCommanderPosted 11/7/2013 3:57:29 PM
Buying a Xbone to play a game the 360 can handle. Seems legit.
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181stCommander posted...
Buying a Xbone to play a game the 360 can handle. Seems legit.

i know, rite? why don't they just release it on XBOX 360 also? sheesh...
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DKLinks posted...
TrickyPony posted...
Solnot flopic

Would someone kindly explain to me what Solnot Flopic is or means? I am unfamiliar with it.

it means the TC is a known troll

and a very bad one at that
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Darkpalidin12 posted...
Gameplay is all that matters in games. So what if the graphics aren't Ryse level. Who cares if I'm having mindless fun.

Yeah graphics over gameplay! And who cares about Ryse mediocre button mashing when the graphics look sweet. Rite guise!? I'm not contradicting myself no way no sir!
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joe-deli-jr posted...
go look at the dead rising t2 videos then compare those to dead rising 3 videos (not just screen shots)

the graphics have improved 10 fold. look at the detail in that one individual zombie. maybe not top notch but there are thousands upon thousands of zombies on screen with that same level of detail. i think its pretty impressive

LOL at best there are a 100 zombies on screen at one time, less than what were in the tunnels in Dead Rising 1.
They have shown nothing even remotely close to having thousands upon thousands of zombies on screen at the same time.

Kameo was a Xbox 360 launch title & had more on screen enemies than either games as well. That game also ran at 720 & 30fps, but it is a 8 years old game.
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i've watched previews from GameXplain and rev3 that said Knack & Killzone looks like really good looking PS3 games
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AtomicPenguin76 posted...
xHughJasx posted...
In motion and in person the game looks amazing. Besides. Go look up pictures of the first few xbox 360 games. They looked worse than original Xbox games.

Kameo still looks good now, and that was a launch game.

The game wasn't that great looking. Surely nothing like the later games in the consoles life.
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Not at all interested in the Dead Rising series, but correct me if I'm wrong...
I read that Capcom just started developing this game on high end PCs before next-gen was even a possibility, and converted it for Xbone after Microsoft approached them. Sooo, it actually was never a 360 title.

Anyone have a link to help me out here? I just read it within the past week, but I can't find where from my phone D:
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