are people who buy this console day 1 beta testing it for people that don't?

#11Viper187666Posted 11/11/2013 12:52:25 PM
Dr Whoopass posted...
This is always the case. But since MS got burned bad monetarily with the RROD issue, they won't make that mistake again. Sony however...

Don't bet on it. If the damn thing was engineered properly, we wouldn't still need a power brick. Also, all anyone releases lately is broken software. Look how bad GTA Online failed the first couple weeks, and that was using "the infinite power of the Cloud!" I fully expect problems with KI just like every other F2P game on 360 has seen, but server problems could be less obvious because of lower numbers of people having it the first week/month in comparison to something on 360. Look at WWE 2k14. I nearly picked that up on 360 because of the pre-order bonus. Glad I didn't since the game is the glichiest thing Yukes ever made. I always hated Yukes anyway. Even AAA titles end up broken (Socialite Achievement on Gears 3 as well as numerous other achievements/things in games that were glitched and never fixed).
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