Ryse developers abandoned Kinect functionality, blames the gamers.

#41HeracylostPosted 11/12/2013 10:47:29 PM
Good for them, kinect is stupid.
#42SyphonFilterAddictPosted 11/12/2013 10:49:15 PM
Dear developers,

Shouting commands and waving your arms back and forth isn't a good way to convince people that they need your game or want to use a camera for games.
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Good, it means they're listening. I hate the thing, and feel validated by this. My Xbox One Kinect's only purpose will be scanning codes.
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SyphonFilterAddict posted...
Dear developers,

Shouting commands and waving your arms back and forth isn't a good way to convince people that they need your game or want to use a camera for games.

That's why most wii third party games are complete crap.
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It's better this way. Players don't want another steel battalion which failed horribly. Most gamers prefer to use their hands rather than yelling and waving your arms like a retarded monkey.
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Why are developers abandoning it? I thought the reason it's even included is so more developers would use it in games? What a fail.
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1nternationa7 posted...
DeadLock25 posted...
Your title is misleading.

They are not blaming the gamers, they are saying that integrating Kinect in a non Kinect centralized game requires that the developers teach people how to use it, because each person performs actions differently. There is no blame being put on anyone, it simply saying that its a design obstacle that must be overcome. As stated in the article:

"But you put 25 people into a room and you tell them to row a boat, everyone rows the boat in a different way.
"The problem is humans. And so what you end up doing is trying to teach people how to row a boat rather than play the game."

Which is why Kinect is a dead end. Although I believe that Ryze is just a pretty setpiece with no depth whatsoever, I can see the wisdom in their words. Kinect will NEVER EVER be a good gaming controller due to the human factor. It is simply unintuitive and out of touch with natural human movements.

I think that may be the dumbest thing I've ever read. How are natural human movements unintuitive and out of touch with...NATURAL HUMAN MOVEMENTS!?
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idk i feel like Child of Eden blew my mind for the hour I played it. Of course, it controlled better on the ps3 using the wand and the eye.
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GuitaristMatt posted...
I don't get it. Skyward Sword did it fine.

It also handled motion in an entirely different way. with Wiimotion plus, height, size, factors such as whether you are sitting/standing are not taken into account - only the motion of the Wiimote is.

Kinect has to take all of that into consideration so of course it will be harder to design for.

Now, misleading topic title aside, they're not abandoning Kinect. From the article:

Estevez certainly isn't against Kinect as an idea. In fact, he told us that he'd "definitely be into doing a full-on Kinect title".

Instead of having it for the sake of having it they want to make sure it's done right. Never does it say they're abandoning it.

Topics like these are why it's so hard to take most topics here seriously, people don;t even bother reading articles.
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