If you missed this: "PROOF-Microsoft PAYS Gamestop to say Xbox One is better"

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rosseeles posted...
errr how does anyone know he actually called gamestop and it wasnt just setup? If i put the name of "The Queen" on my phone and call some random, does that make it true...?

Ponys are like that you know

First rational post.

This tool called "gamestop"? Come, trolls. DO BETTER!

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BushidoEffect3 posted...
Believe any fantasy you want. you're still on the losing team.

The fact that you believe you're on a "team" shows how delusional you are. It's almost as ridiculous as the "team Edward" or "team Jacob" crap that happened after twilight.
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You people are mistaken.

Microsoft is not paying gamestop to sell Xbox Ones.

Gamestop had already sold out of it's PS4's so they were selling what they had Xbox One and Wii U.
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First, BushidoEffect you know I love ya, buddy but...

There's lots of red flags in this video. Most of them screaming, "FAAAAAAAKE!"

He could have easily just been calling his friend who he saved on his phone as "GameStop" and made this whole video for views.

The "PS4 is a decent game..." Does make the whole thing seem more legit so I'm a bit torn but only because of that. I'm still strongly leaning on fake.

If it real, it's probably because if you're a store what is more profitable? Selling a $400 item or $500 item?

The XBone preorders have been cancelled with the exception of DesperateMonkey, Skynet, and Elpollodiablo's. So these employee have got to make these consoles move. I believe she may be paid commission but from GameStop NOT Microsoft. If Microsoft was gonna pay commission they'd just lower the price to match their competitors.

I don't believe this is definitive proof, especially not like we know IGN is on Microsoft's payroll.
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Unless you are an employee of Microsoft/Sony or own stock in them, you have no logical reason to be a fanboy of either system or hope that it "beats" the other one.
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I'm having a chuckle here at literally anyone claiming GameStop paying commissions to employees for pushing one console or the other. GameStop hasn't paid employees commissions for system selling literally for a decade or more now, not since the days of Funcoland did they do that. That stuff is not done anymore. The only ones who see anything are the Managers and possibly Asst. Managers and it's more towards their year end bonuses, selling GPGs and PRPs.
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Holy s***....people have WAY TOO MUCH time on their f****** hands.
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Many americans think Xbox is better because it's an american brand and M$ makes sure the media says so.
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Wasn't this already confirmed fake?
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KOOGAR posted...
Many americans think Xbox is better because it's an american brand and M$ makes sure the media says so.