I want to headbutt any fanboy who enjoys bringing people down.

#1TentanmanPosted 11/8/2013 10:55:06 AM
This gets old. I'm planning on getting both systems because I love video games. Either system you purchase you are a winner with all this new tech. It just irks the hell out of me with people posting every little slight advantage to one system or another as if they need some sort of satisfaction to feel good about themselves.

I'm a manager at GameStop and I just read the most ridiculous article about us being bribed to promote the one. Whoever came up with that is an idiot because every conference and meeting we go to everything is equally distributed. Hell, at first GameStop didn't even want to sell Xbox one because of the used games. We don't get commission lol we get paid crap in the first place.

Every day I deal with customers asking which one is better and I tell them it depends on the games you want to play, both are great systems. I'm tired of hearing customers argue over their superior systems and even try to fight with me when I don't agree that either system is better (although I get hit with the most flak when I defend the 360 in front of ps3 elitests)

I just don't get what people get out of insulting others and the systems. It makes no sense. Its not like the console is your child or something and you're defending your honor. Its a piece of hardware and in the end we all are gamers and we like to play games.