Wait....I can't play ANY games I downloaded from Xbox Live on this thing?!?!

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djruden posted...
You can play all your old Wii stuff on the Wii U tho. Last gen champions setting a good example heading into the next gen.

That's because, even a year later, there are only a handful of Wii U games worth playing. Imagine if it DIDN'T have backwards compatibility.
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just dont sell your old system. Its not that hard.
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^ Aside from some vague comment from Major Nelson at E3 though, we don't really know if that will actually work.

We know consoles can use the hdmi in, though there was mention of input lag IIRC.

Yeah, Penello made some comment to the effect that you could play PS4 thought it, but the input lag would be terrible.

So even the HDMI pass thru feature has problems. Score one for the bone.
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EpeenWeaboo posted...
That completely blows. Yet another example of MS completely ripping off its customers.

Dude, why would they let you play them? They can just sell the same game to you again.
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