Interview with Mark Rubin on cod ghosts ps4/xbo differences.

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Interesting read.
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wow crazyness
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GC: But will that same proportional gap always be there?

MR: Donít know. Until we get there I honestly donít know. To be not diplomatic or anything [laughs] we really donít know. Weíve done as much as we can in the time we have to get where weíre at. Will they close the gap? Will they go off in the opposite direction? Who knows? But for this game it is what it is.
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embrandedone posted...
MR: But for this game it is what it is.

Ouch lol
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The nice thing about that interviewer is that he kept pushing it and wouldn't take PR b******* for an answer until he got confirmation that it was just PR b*******.
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This thread is clearly on topic
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Now that's journalism
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I wish gaming "journalists" were more like this guy. Pressing the tough questions like this is what's important.
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Seems like he knows more than he's letting on but doesn't want to get into trouble with M$.
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