Article: Microsoft's Moneyhatting Exclusives

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Killzone and Infamous for the PS4 have some amazing hype (hopefully they deliver) and there is a high likelyhood of more quality games coming down the pipeline.

But we already know inFAMOUS and Killzone sequels get worse.

I can't talk about KZ or some other first party titles, but Infamous 2 was much better than the first one in pretty much every way except the story. God of War: Ascension was complete garbage though, I'll give you that.

Don't know where he hangs out if he thinks Infamous 2 was poorly regarded, especially in comparison to the first one but whatever. As for Killzone, the difference here is that they seem to have changed gears to try and bring a new feel to the franchise. So until release, we can't assume anything about Killzone since they have apparently changed some things up.

But the one thing I love... he completely hand waves The Last of Us coming along and proving Sony and it's devs will still produce a gem even if some franchises lagged for an entry. Which is the legacy of Sony's dev teams... they have shown it time and again that even with a "less than stellar" entry, they can come up to bat the next time and hit it out of the park. We have seen very little of that from MS.. simply because they mostly buy 3rd party publishing rights.
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Moneyhats plus the moneygates. Some of the negative aspect Microsoft brought to the table.
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