What makes a console better than the other?

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The games could just as well be played on good hardware. It's pointless to keep good games exclusive on old hardware for example. This is especially true for games which go for a more realistic and "cutting edge" feel imo.
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You poll is a bit vague. Hardware specs and games go hand in hand. Hardware specs play a major role in how those games are going to look and play throughout the life of the console.

By that logic the only thing anyone should want is a high end PC. Devs and you know artist do matter.

We aren't discussing putting together a PC though, we are talking about consoles. I know PC gamers that spend more time bench mark testing their hardware than they do playing games on it. I never said hardware specs are the only thing that matter, but they are very significant to me if I am choosing between two consoles that have a lot of similarities.
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a combination of everything you listed
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Other: all of the above as well as policies.