Ouch.... Today's Poll

#1Jx1010Posted 11/10/2013 9:47:40 AM
Today's poll on Xbox One is really surprising... I didnt think it would be this bad.
Almost nobody even wants it, why do you think this is?
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#2LICKWIDPAlNPosted 11/10/2013 9:48:37 AM
Read through every topic for about the last 50 pages or so.
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#3Pokerkid777Posted 11/10/2013 9:48:47 AM
pathetic sony pony reassurance topic.
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#4Mr_HakubiPosted 11/10/2013 9:48:54 AM
Paying more for less has never been popular.
#5Jx1010(Topic Creator)Posted 11/10/2013 9:51:32 AM
Mr_Hakubi posted...
Paying more for less has never been popular.

I just wish they got rid of kinect, thats all
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#6rubberGasketPosted 11/10/2013 9:53:40 AM
The poll for Sony was the majority not wanting it. Gfaqs is mainly Nintendo, FF, and Pokemon lovers.
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#7Demon_AckerPosted 11/10/2013 9:54:36 AM
It's more expensive than the competition, supposedly weaker and has a lot of bad press.
Just wait for people to come here and make excuses, though.
#8richierhPosted 11/10/2013 9:54:52 AM
Oh. The Irony.

PS3 - bluray player
360 - for gamers

PS4 - for gamers
One - media hub

Just saying...
#9Dannyson97Posted 11/10/2013 10:09:01 AM
DEAR GOD! How many times must I say it? Not every one who votes is a troll! They either just have a different opinion, or maybe they'll get it next year? There's only a month between launch and next year.
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#10badmanneilPosted 11/10/2013 10:12:11 AM
You all do realize that the majority of gamefaqs is made up of wii and sony fanboys right?
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