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I received 3 sets of codesincubux27/22 8:45PM
Can someone explain why the Master Chief Collection is any different than TLoU?
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dataDyneSoldier727/22 8:44PM
Destiny Beta Contestwallyosu67/22 8:41PM
Teenage son discovers his deceased father's ghost car in Xbox rally game
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cosmicstarfish1287/22 8:40PM
Does anyone here just not care about the negativity going on?
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That_Damn_Kid127/22 8:38PM
USA Pre-Order Chart Up Now 19th JulyLEGEND_KILLERRR27/22 8:38PM
It would've been smarter for Activision to market Destiny with XB1 to be honest.
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Jedi454127/22 8:36PM
What am I doing wrong? Destiny Beta codes
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MrImpatient35167/22 8:31PM
any extra Destiny beta codes?Cod_Da_Five917/22 8:28PM
Currently listening to some music from my old school Zune on my Xbox One...That_Damn_Kid37/22 8:21PM
"Opinion: Xbox One --The console that used to be different"
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quincy2000a167/22 8:16PM
Dang it now BF:Hardline might do well with 2015 delay and no Battlefront in 2015zerooo037/22 8:14PM
What does updating the controller do?StarmanAnthony17/22 8:13PM
Bungie: "On Xbox One, don't launch the game until the download is complete."
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MVNeo167/22 8:13PM
Any way to make Bumpers easier to press?aray4897/22 8:08PM
Xbox One Wireless Headset revealedTinaKnowles97/22 8:07PM
I would gladly pay $499 Xbox over $399 PS4 anyday
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bidoof01267/22 8:02PM
Wow going by preorder figures Destiny will be HUGE!Izraeil77/22 8:01PM
MS gave out console sales figures todaySheepinator17/22 8:01PM
Only took me an hour to DL Destiny Beta! Here we go!RuinerEraser27/22 7:56PM