Whos pumped?!?! What games are you getting?

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3 years ago#21
Getting Forza 5 LE then probably some downloadable titles
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3 years ago#22
been saving tons of money for months now, so I can pretty much get most of the launch games, games I plan to get are

Madden 25
2k14 or Live, I know 2k14 looks way better but im intrigued with live for some reason
NFS or Forza
Dead Rising 3
Assassins Creed
Fifa Or Lego cant decide
3 years ago#23
Im thinking about maybe getting assasins creed
3 years ago#24
Killer Instinct Ultra Edition
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3 years ago#25
I am getting DR3, KI, NFS rivals and BF4 definitely day one.

Getting COD and RYSE through Gamefly.

Im thinking of getting Zoo Tycoon if reviews are favorable as i loved the originals on the PC.

Will be downloading minecraft for my son, would be cool if the visuals were upgraded. Maybe the support of texture packs will change that

Possibly pick up Just Dance as a party game for the family.
3 years ago#26
Croge91 posted...
cruelbird posted...
Titan Fall
Garden Warfare
Killer Instinct
Zoo Tycoon
Dead Rising 3

Maybe Crimson Dragon but I don't really like flying games (but I do like dragons!)

Same here im not really into flying but dragons thats a different story.

What kind of game is it? Do you lvl up and are you able to custimize as well as multiplayer?

From what it remember I think you will be able to customize/level up your dragon as you progress through the game. Also pretty sure it is a launch game, download only as someone else said, will sell for $20.
3 years ago#27
It's going to be a long 2 weeks for me, have Forza 5 and BF4 pre-ordered, thinking about getting Ghosts and AC4, kind of want to try out Crimson Dragon too.
3 years ago#28
Super pumped.

DR3 and BF4.
#1 at absolutely nothing!
3 years ago#29
still cant choose between cod or bf4!!!
3 years ago#30
Forza 5
Fifa 14

Maybe ryse but I'm not sold on it yet.
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