What's better xbox one or PS4?

#1iamjosh308Posted 11/10/2013 2:05:10 PM
whats better - Results (146 votes)
Xbox One
23.29% (34 votes)
76.71% (112 votes)
This poll is now closed.
What's better?
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#5unclekoolaid73Posted 11/10/2013 2:26:53 PM
I voted PS4. Because p is before x in the alphabet so it must be better.
#6ssjgohhkuPosted 11/10/2013 2:42:11 PM
It's quite obvious.
#7TheSL1ClubPosted 11/10/2013 2:45:00 PM
Funny how this poll is right under that xbox one poll, except this one is actually legit.
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#8mcnichojPosted 11/10/2013 2:48:14 PM
Why post this on the secondary PS4 board? Obviously going to get bias.
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#9iamjosh308(Topic Creator)Posted 11/10/2013 4:18:24 PM
Ps4 is better confirmed
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#10Dannyson97Posted 11/10/2013 4:26:09 PM(edited)
Wii U :D
But on the off chance that's not a option tied me to rail way, and I choose PS4.
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