Naughty Dog has some strong words for Microsoft

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I like how turds are hating on Naughty Dog even though this guy doesn't even work with them anymore. And to say Naughty Dog makes crappy games? Jealous, pathetic Xturds.

This is pretty ironic, you know jealousy is the reason you are here right?

x1 fans arent jealous, hence less x1 fans trolling ps4 forum than vice versa.

So i had to stop reading here from laughing way too much.

The reason there aren't a lot of XBOne fans trolling because there aren't a lot of XBOne fans to begin with :P.

The x1 fans arent miserable becuase the console is something to look forward to. The ps4 are miserable and jealous, hence all the sad sad trolls.

Tony how come you come here when you clearly dislike x1?
This is why I'm never going to get a ps4
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how are these strong words he seems to like both ms and sony but prefers sony a normal blog that's it. its just his opnion but yeah i agree people are hyping the ps4 way to much there going to get burnt there expecting way to much from sony its becoming overrated but i cant say that until it launches and we see for a couple of months but right now its REALLY over hyped.
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Talk about a derailed thread. Yikes.
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tee hee
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Naughty Dog needs to bring back Crash Bandicoot NOW

Crash is coming to ps4. Not ng though.
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Thank goodness for the 2011 PSN crash. That seemed to wake Sony up, like "oh yeah- gamers buy these things too!" The last couple of years the competition between the two has been close enough that it's been us gamers who win. That's what we all really want right? For two companies (sorry Nintendo) to be working hard for our support. When 360 had such a clear advantage for years, it seemed like there was also a lot of stagnation.

Whatever type of games you love, we don't need oversaturation of any genre this generation... that is my main concern (it was RPGs, especially JRPGs w/PS2, and FPS games with 360).

my point is that- if ND is trying to fan the flames of competition, then great. The only thing that matters is that it's the gamers who win.
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