Why isn't Ryse getting more hype?

#21DisgaeaNutPosted 11/10/2013 10:12:51 PM
When It was announced the game uses many QTEs and you can't fail the QTE, putting game on autopilot, many people looked away
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Who cares im buying it and going to enjoy it....
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NeoMonk posted...
People got to play it... They couldn't run further away from it if they wanted to...

Who are these "people" you are referring to? Because most of the impressions I've read from people who've played it on the tour are quite positive, including some media pros.
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I have no interest in it but i find it funny that people defend GoW and Heavy Rain for having QTEs but when Ryse has some its the end of the world.

Oh, look. Everyone else before you in the topic simply discussed the game in question. You, of course, had to mention games that appear exclusively on Sony consoles for no real reason. But heaven forbid anyone around here says anything negative about the Xbox One, right? Because then you'll have to accuse them of being Sony Ponies, fanboys, and trolls. The hypocrisy on this board is absolutely astounding.

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