Can anyone explain why people troll each other system?

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I don't know why anyone would troll the Wii U or the PS4 but the reason(s) for the Xbone are more than obvious and well deserved. I actually don't know why fans of Scientolo.. um, I mean Microsoft are complaining.
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DrEaM_420 posted...
Because thats what men do, they jab at eachother, if you cant handle it get a sex change.

Its been happening since gaming was relevant.


64 VS PS

PS2 VS Xbox VS Gamecube

Its just fun to talk smack.

But seriously the Xbone is a spybox and anyone who buys it is ridiculously stupid.

I fear for the future of the human race if grown men still act like 13 year old boys
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Fenriswolf posted...

I fear for the future of the human race if grown men still act like 13 year old boys

You've never been to a football match, have you?
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Because if one shows proper devotion to their chosen corporate master (who is totally benovelent and incapable of the kind of soulless greed and evil the opposing corporate master practically oozes from every sleazy pore), they may receive precisely one (1) pat on the head. This might lead to further benefits like a kudo or even 2.5 seconds of reach-around next time they're tricked or forced into bending over and grabbing their ankles.

I'd explain the arms trade that is gaming blogs here (1% journalism, 9% regurgitating stories written by said 1%, and 90% circlejerking over pure rumor and inference... all in the name of the allmighty click and the sweet, sweet advertising dollar it produces), but that's just too damn depressing to deal with right now.

But remember, kiddies; if they like something you don't, remember that they're sheep and easily fooled unlike you and the rest of the rugged individualists (who are most likely all as smart and handsome as you) making the same decision as you.
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Dr Whoopass posted...

The last few pages of this thread prove you wrong. I bet you and your homeys were a lot of fun to have around -_-

Yeah, they are. We're still close. I have a group of friends that I've hung out with for over 20 years. We're married/engaged, homeowners, college graduates and gainfully employed. Life is good.

Also, nothing can prove me wrong that "we didn't have these trivial arguments" since you know, it applies to my environment that you know jack about.
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Fenriswolf posted...
Kid: Mortal Kombat, on Sega Genesis, is the best video game ever.

Billy Madison: I disagree, it's a very good game, but I think Donkey Kong is the best game ever.

Kid: Donkey Kong sucks.

Billy Madison: You know something? YOU SUCK!

Console wars in a nutshell

LOL I was gonna say the fanboy wars were immortalized in the classic film Billy Madison :P
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