so is Forza 5 native 1080p and 60 fps?

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Dev0311 posted...
There's also 50% less cars and 50% less tracks. Have fun!

Have fun with its generic version Driveclub :)
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ThatLaoGuy posted...
Have you seen forza5?

Its just a cockpit and terrain flashing by. If xbone can't render that at 1080p at a 60fps, call it xfail720p

Yeah, it's not like it has to do all those complex "clamber over waist high barrier" calculations and ragdoll physics that take up so much CPU in shooters... geez... all it has to do it draw terrain flashing by and a cockpit, and some lighting.

Hey, I heard they are aiming for 60fps on Drive Club - how they hit it so I don't have to label the PS4 a fail...
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