As a proud loyal XBRO, what was your top reason for choosing XBOX ONE over PS4?

#11PrettyBoyMarthPosted 11/12/2013 4:16:50 AM
archibald3 posted...
Its funny , almost as if some justification is neccessary. Anyone who is buying into this onslaught of kids inexplicably siding with sony is sadly , a lemming. Whats worse a lemming for little substantial reason and a lemming following thewhims of little kids and hormone ravaged teenagers.

I own both current generation systems and much prefer the xboxs slicker interface and the overall experience it provides , both as a gaming system and as a multimedia center. The sony sytem has always seemed a little cluttered and with a more utilitarian interface , similar almost to a blu-ray player or something.

After seeing both presentations for the ps4 and the xbox one , the xbox one still seems far more progressive , forward-looking and futureristic. I`m frankly suprised how much is being over-looked in this frenzy of fanboyism.

The voice activation and motion control that are being blindly scoffed at by the sony fans is very much going to be part of the future of the medium .

how hypocritical, you sound like a huge fanboy yourself.
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#12VoelgerPosted 11/12/2013 4:25:24 AM
I think the Xbox one looks to be a step forward. I'm excited for kinect 2 and the advancements it brings with it. PS4 seems to be the same thing as PS3, only easier to develop for and prettier.

But the real reason- friends are staying with Xbox.
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