Dead Rising 3 drops below 20fps

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3 years ago#172
SubSeenix posted...
Should have gone for native 480p to get more than 20fps xDDD
Xbox One clearly can't do native 720p either hahahahahaha

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3 years ago#173
rosseeles posted...
Yeah i watched it and still looks good to me.

One thing does Digital foundry have an issues with MS as ive only ever seen negatives come from them?

Lmfao. They pretty much bashed the living heck out of the PS3 for the entire gen, but suddenly MS is the oh so poor, misunderstood victim? Clearly their sheer hatred for MS is at play here, not the godawful console and games with godawful performance.


Meanwhile in Sonyland:
3 years ago#174
Exodus_Prime posted...
A lot of reassurance topics about Dead Rising 3 hmmm *looks at which console it will be released on* oh yup makes sense. Day One baby! here we go.

Let me see if I read that correctly:

---> News report from Digital Foundry says Dead Rising 3 runs at a horrible frame rate
---> A topic is made about said report on Gamefaqs and people comment on it
---> Exodus Prime says "Reassurance Topic for Sony Ponies!" and doesn't address the actual report about garbage gameplay because the game in question is an exclusive on the Xbox One for which in his eyes can do no wrong

That about right?
The Xbox One can only run most games in the 720P visual standard. Perhaps it should have been called the XBOX 720 after all.
3 years ago#175
SythisTaru posted...
That's why Unreal Engine 3 looks so much better than Cryengine right? I think you need to go to, see what types of engines REAL developers prefer. I'd prefer baked lighting over realtime almost every time. Also, Unreal 4 is still using baking, derp. (I'm a beta tester for it.)

nah. derp. You should just bake yourself already. Missed my point earlier.
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Xboner -
3 years ago#176
Skynet82997 posted...
LOLKNlCKS posted...
What is there to discuss? That the game isn't a 720p, sub-30fps like Digital Foundry's evidence suggests? Because the entire premise behind the original post in this topic is that Dead Rising 3 drops to 20 fps consistently. Enlighten me.

But actually watching the gameplay, vs staring at the FR counter in the corner - reveals a game that despite FR dips, runs very well and is certainly not affected to the point of having play issues.

Skynet, you just outed yourself as either a hopeless fanboy or a truly clueless individual. Take your pick. ANY game that drops below 20 frames per second is NOT fun to play. Even something as static as the new Full House Poker on the 360 is a frustrating mess because of low frame rate issues.

Perhaps you'd like to defend dial-up internet over broadband next?
The Xbox One can only run most games in the 720P visual standard. Perhaps it should have been called the XBOX 720 after all.
3 years ago#177
Ragnarokxv posted...
That is like buying a gaming PC on a budget and realizing you should have spent more money because the games you want to play run like ****.

How is it the same when PC 's differ?

When a gmae is built for a's BUILT for THAT console.

Noone makes a PC game with 8600GT in mind do they? They make a PC game ot run the best with high end PC cards. IF you have a low end PC card it will run like ****.

There is no excuse for an XBox One Built game to run like ****.
3 years ago#178
zephirraines posted...
TheKing012 posted...

what in the ****?

You have no clue how graphics work do you? Newsflash kiddo but there is more to graphics and processing then just resolution and fps. You children must think Crimson Dragon is amazing because its 1080p.

i think its disappointing if true but also depends on how often the frame rate drops occur.

It is unfortunate we have dumbasses who don't seem to understand that the resolution and frame rate is 100% dependant on the game itself and how the developers make it. This resolution thing is a bit annoying. too many retards seem to think resolution = graphics.
3 years ago#179
720p and still can't keep a stable framerate? Pathetic.
Take One look at the resolution and walk away...
3 years ago#180
Dev0311 posted...
720p and still can't keep a stable framerate? Pathetic.

Frames dropped as low as 10 frame per second.
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