Do you think...

#1richboy900Posted 11/12/2013 6:33:09 AM
Given that the developers (as turn 10 mentioned) say that they're already using 100% of the Xbox ones power, do you think this'll be a short console generation?

Even though the ps4 has a decent power advantage, not all games will be likely to run at 1080p/60fps. And its not as cutting edge as the original Xbox, ps2, 360 in comparison to PC when each were launched.

Do you think this gen will be shorter than the last or short in general?
#2Banana_ManaPosted 11/12/2013 6:35:41 AM
That's not what the developers said exactly... And they mentioned that as the console goes on they will get better at optimising that 100%... Leading to better games - much like the current generation.