Xbox One detects the size of your manhood

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Anakerie posted...
I'm female. That better be a DAMN good camera...

It can estimate depth also.
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slyman19 posted...
No wonder Sony fans don't want an Xbox One...

Xbox One and PlayStation 4
Because I can buy both.
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Actually this is something that could erect Microsoft hard above its competitors.
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The NSA is really getting greedy with the amount of data it wants from people, sheesh.

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khardbored posted...
Wow, great. This isn't good, especially if the Kinect auto-zooms on the biggest thing in the room. I'll constantly be oncam. ;)

If you learn how to throw your voice and get it an account of its own would this count as "playing with yourself"?
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slyman19 posted...
No wonder Sony fans don't want an Xbox One...

As a Sony fanboy this was childish, but funny.

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TheSL1Club posted...
slyman19 posted...
No wonder Sony fans don't want an Xbox One...

Sony fan's aren't gay enough to compare p size? oh ok. Get back to me after you done your measurement lol.

It's not cool to use homosexuality as an insult anymore. Go to your room.
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If no camel toes, then I'll sue for gender discrimination. >:-[

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No Xbone for me!

Only my wife can check out my Xboner. Sorry Kinect! (Not!)
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