Anyone surprised that the Metal Gear Solid V exclusive content isn't for Xbox?

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Sony payed some money for it.

No conspiracy there.
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Seriously, Microsoft has been giving Hideo Kojima some major ass kissing for the last few years, even featuring him in the "Xbox Anthem" video. I mean, he has been at every MS E3 conference for the last few years with even having Metal Gear Solid V being the opening for the Xbox One's E3 event a few months ago.

How is it that with the relationship Microsoft built with Kojima and Konami that the exclusive content is for the PS4 and PS3? It really makes no sense at all, and I thought for sure the 360 and Xbox one would get it

Look at the interview from Hideo Baba(Tales of Series)

They don't even plan with the Xbox anymore cause as he says the Fanbase is only on Playstation.

Playstation Japan to be more exact..usually.