What can you do without a subscription on both consoles?

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Somebody rise above it & answer the question if you think he's trolling, whats the worst that could happen? at least the info would be there for people who genuinely want to compare a live subscription to a psn+ Sub.

Right on! I know the xbots are crazy but didn't think they will get this low.

TC just asked a simple question without attacking anyone or anything. But look all the xbots surrounded the TC with non-stopped personal attack like blood hungering wolf w/o answering any part of questions. Talking about gang trolling a topic to the max!

It is disgusting to see the xbots reaction. If you guys don't like his topics, just don't answer it. Please don't destroy it with all the unrelated posts, making it difficult for anyone who is truly interested in the topic & find out more info.

I find this very ironic.

Talks about how no one anawered the TC's actual question (which is obviously because he's a known troll who posts the same topics on a daily basis so no one wants to answer) and is mad that everyone is name calling.

.....while calling everyone in here xbots and not answering the TC's question either.


Excellent! I am so happy that you agree that we should talk about the topic instead of attacking other people!

So, What can you do without a subscription on both consoles? Let's talk about the details!