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Which game are most XBROS looking forward to more? Destiny or Halo: MCC? (Poll)
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Solnot187/29 4:32PM
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Who started that whole 1080p BS?
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AmazingDany1407/29 4:10PM
Which of these JRPGs do most XBROS want to see a sequel made for on XBOX ONE? (Poll)Solnot87/29 4:07PM
The dIfference between The Master Chief Collection and The Last of Us Remastered (Closed)
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ukemandwnbu127/29 3:54PM
what are the chances we will get the last of us on the x1?
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p3r0x1d3127/29 3:49PM
Xbox Router QuestionRyanM_bas_basic37/29 3:06PM
UPDATE: Pinball FX2 - Tables purchased on 360 will now import to Xbox Oneregsantotomas87/29 2:59PM
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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare multiplayer reveal 8-11-14Hucast927/29 2:21PM
Did anyone else cancel their Destiny preorder as a result of the beta?
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Jedi454907/29 2:20PM
Don't Worry, XBROS! Kinect-less XBOX ONE Will Help Microsoft Regain Lost Ground!Solnot27/29 2:15PM
is Halo 2 on MCC going to be exactly the same as original game?reptileegg107/29 2:11PM
AC UNITY female character
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_Doomguy_167/29 2:03PM
Xbox boss: "Not long" before preloading digital games finally hits Xbox One
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zerooo0217/29 1:53PM
Is History Repeating Itself, XBROS? XBOX ONE is following PS3's rocky first yearSolnot67/29 1:40PM
Preordering Assassin's Creed Unity Gives You the Chance To Win Big, XBROS!Solnot17/29 1:23PM
Everybody needs to buy an XB1 when Sunset Overdrive comes out
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squon417/29 1:13PM