The difference between the XB1 and PS4 on day one...

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Maybe someone can afford one or the other. Internet, or game console....and they choose game console. Hope they pick the right one!

Nope, if you don't have internet you cannot afford a new console. It's not a one or the other type of purchase. If you are running your bank account down to nothing because you spend $40 bucks a month on internet, you definitely can't afford luxury items like the newest gaming console.

The amount of poor bashing that goes on here is appalling.

Sometimes parents want to do something nice for their kids, like get them the latest game console they want for christmas. Sometimes those parents get a second job, or do overtime at work so they have the extra spending money to buy that one thing their kid wants. And then when that kid opens his present and is so happy because he has the Xbox One and they hook it up and turn it on to see.........absolutely nothing. That sucks for that kid and for the parent who was just trying to give their kid a good christmas memory. Now ruined by microsofts shady practices.

I grew up extremely poor. Raised by my grandmother who worked two jobs to make ends meet. She did what she had to do to make sure we had good christmas memories. One of those memories was a Colecovision and another was a Nintendo Entertainment System. If those systems had been made by microsoft, and needed cable-tv to work out of the box, I would have been screwed because we did not have cable tv.


But in fairness, that was in a far different time. It's getting to the point where many, if not most, modern devices have some sort of connectivity built in as part of their design. It's rather crazy to equate an NES, for example, to a modern day system that is designed around network features.

And it's not a "shady practice" if it's been known well before launch. And this has.
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