We can talk to Kinect.... Can Kinect talk back?

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dylanbrandon286 posted...
It might actually be worth the $100 if the Kinect actually had the intelligence to talk.

It would be interesting
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what is siri? I have heard of it but I do not know what it is.
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Great, more fluff features.
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kenpachi99 posted...
what is siri? I have heard of it but I do not know what it is.

Siri is the name of an AI assistant on apple devices. I'll give an example of how it works. You say "Whats the weather like today?" Siri then replies "Here is the weather forecast." *displays forecast* "It is *partly sunny with high of 75 and low of 60". That would be an optimal reply. Often though it will not understand the question and simply do a search (using google I think) on key words in the sentence and display the search results. Worst case scenario is it don't understand what the user said at all and just says something like "sorry I don't understand".

It must be understood that Siri is a highly sophisticated AI. It is not just recognizing commands and then executing an action based on those commands. It is trying to recognize meaning to what was said by the user. A very good display of this is when IBM did a demo of it's AI playing jeopardy live against other human opponents. Siri like other AI of this nature are handled threw cloud computing. If you disconnect your device from the internet it will not work. Google has somthing called 'Google Now'.

MS currently does not have somthing like this. Apparently though it has something in the works tentatively called Cortana.


As with other AI of this nature it is supposed to get better the more you use it. We may see it on X Box One in 2014. Seems it will rely on Bing.
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It is also worth noting that this kind of technology will continue to get much better with time. All the big tech giants are investing big on it. Apple, IBM, Google, Microsoft all see a future in this. One of the things that favors this tech is that since it is handled threw cloud computing it is not constrained by client side CPUs. Even the best cpu for a PC would not be able to do this.

Right now I would say this tech is comparable to search engines in the late 90s. It's in it's early stages but I expect it to improve significantly over the next 10 years.
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SpikeTheSpaceCowboy posted...
MS is actually working on a siri type thing for windows devices. Word is the voice you would hear would be done by the same voice actor that does Cortana/Dr. Halsey from the Halo series. Most likely Xbox One is among those devices.

this....excites me. i hops she has sarcastic comments that sound cortanaish.