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Halo MCC has a 20GB patch? Can I get it now?MrImpatient35910/30 5:25PM
Lords of the Fallen is Dark Souls without the music, lore,bosses and soul
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YumeOMiru2910/30 5:18PM
What % of users on here do you think own xbox & ps4? (Poll)jellybeanmaster510/30 5:11PM
X1 standard drives fill up at 362GB. What is the rest being used for?
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Ryan-061210/30 5:02PM
It's... So... Beautiful!!!Schutte15010210/30 4:59PM
If (and it's a big if) the Bone does outsell the PS4 next month......
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jon davis8010/30 4:57PM
Not getting notifications for party or messagesPimp_C910/30 4:52PM
Evolve Big Alpha Xbox OneGoregasm17210/30 4:51PM
Xbox One has 103 games so far.
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OhhhSnakes1810/30 4:47PM
Which game had the most disastrous launch of the new gen?
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ThanosSupreme2110/30 4:43PM
madcatz fightpad for xbox 360grimlock50810/30 4:39PM
Kinect Headsetbillyriz110/30 4:37PM
Can you use this hard drive for the Xbox One?ben10pokemon79410/30 4:35PM
So why isnt GTA V confirmed to be 1080p on Xbox One yet? it has been for PS4 (Poll)
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xtacb4410/30 4:25PM
"Indie games are the future of gaming innovation!"
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ZeeDogge1310/30 4:14PM
Far Cry 4 dev baffled by fascination of resolution
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Panner7410/30 4:09PM
Any chat headset that cuts the cord btwn ctlr and headset?ave1310/30 4:08PM
Wow the nba game time app sucks really bad.odogs4110/30 4:08PM
probaly a bad ideaVivaLaGinge310/30 4:04PM
Attention UK folks, Argos are doing an Xbone bundle for the next 7 days.......jon davis910/30 3:59PM