Classic Snake playable in exclusive DLC for MGSV; Xbone gets the shaft.

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And yet another example of Sony over-promising and under-delivering. We were supposed to see so many surprises, including a "mind-blowing" surprise from Kojima, and all we got was a short teaser for a game we all knew was coming, a release date for Infamous, a timed exclusive beta (lol) and a single exclusive mission with a low-poly Snake skin (double lol).

ITP: Sony is responsible for whatever comes out of Kojima's mouth

Uncharted blows any Xbone exclusive out of the water

lol, no. But keep telling yourself that if you find it comforting.

I like how he totally ignores the fact that Gears has outsold Uncharted but you know double standards..and this was the big announcement Kojima had? really a DLC skin that will probably end up in a season pass on the X1....I guess greatness is still waiting and sworder still has a xboner for this board.
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Cosmetic DLC is such a joke.
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lol, everyone was so hyped for some awesome Kojima exclusive, and all they get is a crappy pixelated character model in a single mission of the game.

Kojima hyped it up so much lol.
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People hyped up the hideo announcement so much and you get a different skin for mgs5.

epic fail
This is why I'm never going to get a ps4
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Unless we get sniper wolf nude dlc I remain uncaring.
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