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Phil Spencer needs to hurry up and get to Tokyo fast!
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so I see that Madden still has horrible create a player
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garcia_jx129/1 12:06PM
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should Xbox One even release in Japan?
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Wii_Truth139/1 11:30AM
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$69.99 for a last gen port?
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Del Toro talks P.T and Silent Hills (Closed)
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velvet_hammer609/1 10:28AM
RE Revelations 2... I wonder how the controls will handle.AttackOnTitan29/1 10:16AM
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Loud growling noises on BF4 Golmud Railway? Anyone else heard this before?ghstbstr39/1 10:06AM
Titanfall or Wolfenstein? (Poll)
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London-SV199/1 10:02AM
Guide button not turning on the One?Gunvalkyrie229/1 9:54AM
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