FALLOUT 4 RUMOR: SURVIVOR 2299. December 11th reveal Void Engine?

#11AFreebyPosted 11/15/2013 2:21:21 AM
30fps with no load times would be fine with me. The only games that really requires 60fps are action/adventure titles, fighting games, and shooters, imo. Don't get me wrong 60fps is a plus in all games, but those are the only ones that negatively affect gameplay.
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#12CADE FOSTERPosted 11/15/2013 2:22:55 AM
I change mine to just gimme fallout 4 already its been 3 years
#13InjusticeRebornPosted 11/15/2013 2:25:11 AM
zerooo0 posted...
Interesting as if it's a smooth 30FPS I wouldn't mind if it had no load times.

It's hard to call, but I think I'd agree with this.

I haven't ever played a Fallout game. Was really tempted with 3, but after hearing about some of the bad bugs, it put me off.

FO4 could be my start. Unless I kick my backside in gear an get the FO3 GOTY edition.