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3 years ago#1
Has anyone seen any XB1 games out in stores yet for early release? If not, do we know if that will happen like it did with PS4?
3 years ago#2
Well i got my CoD:Ghosts shipped to me from gamestop (its the xbox one version.) is that what you mean? im also pretty sure that a lot of Xbox One games are behind the counter and the employes are just selling them to people that have pre-ordered the game.
3 years ago#3
I didn't mean specifically to those who pre-ordered the games. I was in Gamestop last weekend and they already had PS4 games and controllers out for sale. Was wondering if i'll be able to get my XB1 games/controllers before the launch in the same way. Specifically asking because the Best Buy i pre-ordered my XB1 from is, for some reason, not accepting pre-orders on Dead Rising 3 (the only game they aren't). So if I am able to, I want to pick up the game before launch in case my BB doesn't have it
3 years ago#4
Probably, remember, the PS4 launched a week earlier than the XONE so i suspect that this week we will be able to buy some controllers and stuff. But i could be wrong.
3 years ago#5
Cool, lets hope. If anyone knows for sure of any stores that are selling XB1 stuff already, please post. Thanks
3 years ago#6
Ive got my copy of COD Ghosts from amazon (UK) Today
3 years ago#7
Hmm i wonder if the only games that will get pre release are games that are already out on current gen
3 years ago#8
All games officially go on sale November the 19th for the X1.
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3 years ago#9
Mind if i ask where the info is from? I'm told elsewhere launch titles will be 11/22
3 years ago#10
xTeKNiQuEx posted...
All games officially go on sale November the 19th for the X1.

The majority are released on the 22nd. The only one I know of that is coming 11/19 is Madden25.
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