How much are the secondary fetures swaying you to buying a One?

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To me I don't see it as secondary features. For years I have thought that the typical gaming console was underutilized. Look at smart devices, spec wise they are not even comparable to a high end PC but it's the software + form factor that makes them such great devices. A piece of hardware is only as good as the software on it.

Finally with the PS4 and X1 both we are getting consoles that seem aimed to really take advantage of what these devices can do. Overall I give the X1 an advantage in this category. So I will get a X1 first then later a PS4.
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kidwgm posted...
For me its just a bonus.
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Masterchief5525 posted...
kidwgm posted...
For me its just a bonus.

fair enough
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If the nhl app doesn't suck 100%
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Pretty high

It can play games and do all that other stuff vs play games and do everything else poorly. It's the biggest selling point.

Say if the720 or 900 resolution was a norm for most multi games for the one, not saying it will be, would you take that tradeoff for the entertainment features iand Kinect?

In a heartbeat
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To me its huge. I have a pretty decent gaming pc so I have the graphics angle covered. At this point I'm digging being able to access a whole consolidated system for all my stuff. Being able to enjoy entertainment from my couch with my family is a massive bonus for me. I have two kids that will love the kinect games, plus the voice commands for some things will be pretty rad. Totally getting a ps4 in a few years for the next uncharted and such, but my first console will be a one.
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