Preorder from Microsoft shipped!

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3 years ago#21
Nice! Only 5 more days. We're in the home stretch now! Can't wait for Friday (:
3 years ago#22
My tracking updated this morning. Looks like UPS is waiting for the package, so I'm assuming they should get it out to people starting tomorrow, and we'll have it early. It's UPS Next day Air Saver. WOOT!
3 years ago#23
I was charged yesterday, and got my shipping email today for preorder from ms store Aug 31.
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3 years ago#24
I got my email too...
Big box, tracking says it weighs 17.3 lbs...
3 years ago#25
Ordered mine on 6/10/13 literally 5 minutes after getting the email that they were available and mine still says in process. My card has a transaction pending for it, but I wish it would hurry up and go through and get my
3 years ago#26
Pre-ordered mine on June 18th and it still hasn't shipped... gaaah. If tomorrow goes by and it hasn't shipped yet I am going to start to worry.
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3 years ago#27
Ups website updated again.

Ontario, CA, United States 11/17/2013 1:02 P.M. Agent pickup; in transit to UPS facility

Hopefully this means we'll have it tomorrow or Tuesday!
3 years ago#28
Me too, I was surprised to see Next Day Air Saver,, I was under the impression that it was UPS Ground,,, but very excited, I feel like Cartman waiting for the Wii,,, Come on Come on,,, my tag is wvC10kw0rkwv if anyone wants to shoot me a friend request,,,
3 years ago#29
Got my email too. Got my controller today and a few digital cards for games. I am ready.

So we have a chance of getting it tuesday? No way
3 years ago#30
I got the tracking info first thing Sunday morning. I have a feeling that UPS will hold them until the 22nd, but that is just my guess. I ordered mine within the first few hours of the preorder from Microsoft. So supposedly it is guaranteed to be here by the 22nd. Good luck, hope everyone gets theirs on time or early...
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