I sure hope I can get one launch

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User Info: zillazero

3 years ago#1
I had a emergency come up and had to cancel (get a refund) of my preorder from Best Buy a few weeks ago.

Now I have a ton of money. lol…figures huh

One of my clients held off on paying their retainer and it really screwed me up financially.

Anyways, I guess i'll camp out and hope for the best.

I have a PS4 and love it but I REALLY am looking forward to the new Xbox (Forza!)

The guy at my local Best Buy said that they actually had 3 PS4's left over after their midnight launch and sold them the following morning. Wow! He said that there was only about 20 people who didn't preorder that got in line at launch night and they got in about 23 extras.

Hope thats the case this Thursday at launch for the XB1
"XBOX - Turn on PS4"

User Info: cahsmo

3 years ago#2
Where do you live?
have you ever wondered why midgets laugh when they run, well its because the grass tickles their nuts.
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