What would you rather have? Backwards compatibility or Kinect?

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1nternationa7 posted...
There are more games in backwards compatibility than there are with Kinect (both versions put together).

How about backward compatible kinect games?
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#12InjusticeRebornPosted 11/18/2013 11:52:36 PM
Honestly. If it were all to just bring down the price, I'd have neither. But if either had to be implemented, I'd chose Kinect.

Yeah, I have a Kinect for the 360, so I can't really use the argument "I can already play 360 games on my 360, why would I need backwards compatibility?", but the new Kinect is overall better in what it does. The One being backwards compatible wouldn't play 360 games any better than the 360 could, so... I'd keep my 360.

That is my reason.
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i wouldn't buy a new system to play old games just common sense thats why you keep your old one
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Jedi454 posted...
If I wanted to play Xbox 360 games, I would use my Xbox 360 lol. Isn't that common sense?

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