i cant wait for microsoft to announce that the xbox one has sold 1 million units

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JONlCS posted...

loser closes their gamefaqs account.

You really don't think that worldwide, they can sell 1 million consoles to their customers? This just seems like a really safe bet on my side, but sure, deal.
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im sorry. i was referring to america, but i forgot to put it on my op.
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1nternationa7 posted...
See you next year. You can't sell what you can't manufacture.

They have manufactured 7 million as of 4pm today.
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It would be sad if they only sold 1 mil on launch day. They're selling nationally and internationally. The Sony sold a mil PS4s in the US alone.
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xninjagrrl posted...
I cant wait til Im playing mine and it doesnt shut off on me or blink blue lights at me or sound like a 747 taking off. Or, I will get boned but at this point Id just laugh, get my refund and go back to playing GTA. I think we will be ok though this time around though.

Not to mention it'll be cool to have games.
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