OGN - Ryse 10/10 "Closest thing to perfect in gaming"

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What a lovely, lovely dream.
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So whats up with everyone holding back the Forza and Ryse reviews?
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Keeps traffic on their sites while people search for it endlessly.
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X1 we out here!
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If theres an embargo on Ryse still, I'm calling a 5/10. No reason to hide it when other games are coming out. Unless of course theres something to hide.
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fhsfootball74 posted...
So whats up with everyone holding back the Forza and Ryse reviews?

MS is probably feeling less confident about them. Ryse is almost definitely gonna get reamed in reviews so MS is holding them off for as long as possible. Forza 5 is fine I'm sure but may take some beating because of the extreme lack of content when compared to Forza 4.
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The embargo for the Ryse review doesn't get lifted until a day before the Xbone launch lol. Seems pretty shady to me. Looks like a certain developer doesn't want people cancelling their pre orders.
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